We are Looking for Forever Homes

Adopting a dog is a serious responsibility and requires the new owner to make a financial and care giving commitment. Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington incurs medical and foster care expenses on most of the dogs that come in and request a donation for adopting a dog. This tax deductible, donation to SPDR helps to offset some of these cost

Most of the Bostons needing homes are males ranging in age from six to ten. There are females, older, and younger dogs, just not as many.

If you can provide a safe and loving home for a Boston Terrier, fill out our online adoption application. Our dogs are placed only to families with applications on file. We get very few puppies in rescue. Please consider adopting an adult dog over having a cute puppy. Puppies grow up fast and an older dog usually is very loyal, extremely affectionate, housebroken, and appreciate their new homes. Most adopted dogs adjust quickly, with few adjustment problems. Most importantly, their life depends on someone like yourself being willing to give them a chance.

It's important to get your application in as soon
as possible as dogs are often placed before
they are listed on Petfinder.

You can view some of our dogs that are posted on Petfinder with this link


Many of our dogs are placed before they get to the Petfinder Page.


Adoptions are NOT done on a first come basis ...we match the dog's temperament with that of a prospective adopter and that adopter's pets and family situation to help insure more successful adoptions of rescue dogs . . .
we put the dogs care and wellbeing first.

Our dogs are placed in families that can best meet the needs of the dogs. We consider the following points when looking for a family to match a particular dog. Does this applicant:

  • have a regular vet that will be a reference?
  • have children under the age of 5? Boston's often don't do well with young children.
  • have a securely fenced yard?
  • have too many people and/or pets residing in the home?
  • have the time and energy to meet a dogs physical and emotional needs.
  • have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of the breed?
  • have specific breed experience? Boston's can be quite challenging.
  • have past experience with dogs? Some rescues are not for a first time dog owner.
  • have other pets in the home? Some dogs need to be an only pet.
  • have dogs that are not spayed or neutered?
  • have the financial means to meet the dog's medical needs, including emergency care.
In general these are the criteria we use to determine if a home would be a good match for one of our Boston's. These answers help us to make a decision regarding the dog’s placement.

You can start the process by completing
the online Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue "adoption application"

(direct link below).


Are you the right person or family for one of our special needs Bostons?

Often we have Bostons looking for a forever home, but they have special medical needs. We are looking for individuals or families that have that special place in their hearts to love and care for one of our senior or special needs dogs. These loving, little souls are in need of a forever home, just like the younger dogs, and in return give unconditional love and devotion.

If you or your family can provide the needed medical and financial commitment to one of our special needs Bostons, please contact Karyn at krasboston@gmail.com

Please send in your application. Upon receiving it we can begin the dog matching process. Our Bostons are placed very quickly, sometimes even before they are posted on Petfinder.

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