Boston Terrier Characteristics - happy, playful, energetic, rambunctious, outgoing, friendly, good natured, highly intelligent, attentive, curious, affectionate and loving family member, loyal, alert, confident, eager to learn, even tempered, and amusing

I love my new home!

A Big Dog in a Little Package

Breed Facts:

Color & Markings: brindle, seal brown, black, all with white markings
Size: under 15 pounds, 15 to 20 pounds, 20 to 25 pounds
Body: erect ears, large brown eyes, short smooth coat
General: easily overheats in warm weather, easily gets cold in cold weather, a real people dog, and does not like to be left alone.

Boston Terriers are Good at:
  • agility
  • obedience
  • therapy
  • flyball
  • rally
  • scent tracking
  • frisbee
  • hiking
  • jogging
  • and as a snuggle companion

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