These Bostons have found Forever Families in 2014 through BTRWW

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington places all rescue Boston Terriers through Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue. Please see our Adoption page to see how to adopt a Boston Terrier.

Meet Elmo!

Elmo is a 7 year old male Boston who came into rescue when his elderly owner could no longer care for him. He now lives in southern Oregon.

Elmo has really filled in the blanks in our household since loosing our last Boston. When we brought him home we weren't sure how he'd act around our cat named Gracie. We made the introduction and they are very friendly toward each other.

He does have a built in timer. Along about 8pm he's ready to hit the sack. He covers himself with HIS blanket and is good till about 6am or so.

On the down side he developed an allergy......we thought it was the food we were feeding him, but as it turns out we are pretty sure it's a seasonal. We keep him on his meds and the itchy skin is minimal.

Our seven year old grandson visited for a week or so. And guess where Elmo slept? Yep, right along side Lucas under the covers. Both loved it.

In the total scheme of things Elmo (I call him Momo) is very comfortable living here. He loves to go for rides in the car, RV and shopping carts at Home Depot.

He made a very good choice in choosing our home and family to live with........ We love the big sweetie to pieces.

The Stott's Family

Buddy's Story

Buddy (black & white) came to us after an extensive search after we had lost our 9 year old Boston to cancer. We needed to find the perfect Boston to complete our pack of an 8 year old Boston, Nutmeg, and a 13+ year old Beagle, Greta. Vicki was so very patient as we met and visited with several Bostons. We actually first saw Buddy when we were at her house to meet another Boston. We saw this little Boston face with puppy ears standing up in a pen, looked at each other and asked Vicki who he was. Buddy (then called Tiny) had just arrived and Vicki didn't know much about him. We were leaving town for a few days and weren't in a position to commit to taking a new dog anyway so said that we would check back with Vicki when we returned.

At 8:30 the morning after we had returned home we received a phone call from Vicki. Buddy had settled in nicely and was playing with all of the other dogs. This was just what we needed to hear as we wanted a playmate for our other Boston. We loaded our dogs into the car and headed out to Vicki's house. The meet and greet went great and we got to take Buddy home. Our pack was complete once again.

We didn't know a lot about Buddy's background and were pleasantly surprised at how smart he was and how quickly he learned things. He didn't know how to use a doggie door but would stand in front of the door to be let out. He eventually started crawling through the doggie door with a lot of coxing with treats but was soon zooming in and out with the other two dogs.

Buddy and Nutmeg are best buds. They love to play and race around together. Buddy figured out quite quickly what he needed to do to get her going. He grabs a little ball and runs up to her with it or bats it around to floor. She immediately wants the ball and the game is on. They will chase each other all over the family room until one of them gets tired and quits. The funniest thing is when Buddy holds the ball close to Meg's face and she takes a hold of it. They will stand perfectly still with this little ball in both of their mouths. We spend a lot of time trying to record their antics on our phones. Most of it is a blur!

Their other favorite thing to do is to snug up together in the chair. They need to be rested for their next playtime.

Buddy will be 7 years old this month and has turned out to be exactly what we had hoped for. We are so thankful that, though Vicki and BTRWW, this little guy is in our life.

Meet Molly!

It's been many years since we have had a dog and decided it was time again to adopt a pooch. We found Molly online through the Boston Terrier Rescue group. Molly came into rescue because her elderly owner could not care for her any longer.

It didn't take her long for her to find a way to our hearts. She's really spry for a "senior" - at 10 years old she's like a little bull dog. She is solid muscle when she wants to go "sniffing" instead of doing her business.

Molly follows us around the house and sometimes when we're searching for something (Dave's keys or his glasses, or anything else). She joins in and when we might be bending over and looking into a cupboard we find Molly's little nose helping us look! When she gets up in the morning, she prances through the house as if checking each room -perhaps rooting out any hidden dangers. She loves to play ball and really has us trained to help her find it when it goes under a chair or the couch.

Molly keeps us smiling and has brought a lot of laughter to our home. Here she comes snorting, sneezing and snoring in her sleep, just like an old man. We love her to pieces.

Judy & Dave Clavel

Meet Batman!

Nicholas (A.K.A. Batman) came in to my life when he was brought into the Vet Clinic I was working at as and Assistant. Right away I was drawn to his unique charm and looks. There was and instant connection between us and I knew somehow I needed him. Nicholas however needed much TLC from Vicki and the wonderful people at SPDR. Nicholas, only 12 weeks old, underwent liver shunt surgery that needed to be done at WSU. During recovery he needed someone with veterinary medicine background. My family and I took him on as a foster dog to start, however he very quickly became part of the family.

My son changed Nicholas's name to Batman, and the name fits him very well. The two of them are best buddies and are always with each other. Batman is very fast and loves to go to family and friends houses where he can run at full speed (I believe he is the fastest dog I have ever seen). He now knows lots of tricks like, crawl, sit, sit pretty, shake with both paws, lay down, and roll over. He also loves to snuggle and when my son is ill he becomes very concerned and stays with him the whole time. Batman will be 1 year old in November, and is right where he belongs.



One day in February I was Sad
Because I thought maybe I had been bad.
Vicki and Al took me in
She liked me, and he gave me a grin.
I played and had fun everyday
Until my new Mom and Dad took me away
To live with them in Arlington, fancy and free
To run with my sisters Stella and Molly.
I am 13 years old, and kind of stubborn.
Sometimes I act like I am almost 7.
Dad takes care of me during the day.
He feeds me and lets me play.
At night I sleep with Mom
And dream the night away.
I now know I will never have to go to new turf
Because I have arrived at "Heaven on Earth".

Meet Rocky!

Hi, my name is Peanut. I would like to introduce to you the newest member of our family, Rocky. He is a Boston Terrier just like me. He was adopted from Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue-Boston Terriers. He was born on June 18, 2008, in Texas to his first family. Being a military family, Rocky wasn't able to adjust to their new address in Fairbanks, Alaska. That was good news for my family and me. Rocky was adopted in February, 2014, and came to live with us in Seattle.

Rocky is perfect for us. He loves to ride in the car and go to cool parks, the ocean, and mountains for picnics and walks. The two of us have a double leash for our walks together. This is a handy arrangement for me, because I am blind and I like to walk with him.

Rocky is my best friend! We play ball and watch out for each other. Another good thing is that Rocky is a fan of animal and kid's shows on TV, just like me. We go visit our larger family and their dogs and cats. They live in the country. That is a treat, as we can run free in their fenced yard.

We all enjoy having Rocky in our family and thank all the thoughtful people in the Boston Terrier Group, like Vicki & Al. They helped make us a happy family with my new friend, Rocky.

Guyneitha and Rocky Clausen, David and Peanut Clausen

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is a 6 year old, spayed Boston. She came into rescue because she needed a home with no small children.

Lucy is exactly what I'd hoped--a great companion, calm most of the time but easily playful. She's very loving and affectionate and will pressure me into a tummy rub or extended back scratch every chance she gets. We buy her mini tennis balls with squeakers in them that she just goes crazy for, and there are a few other things in her toy chest that keep her occupied.

The off-leash park is two blocks from us and we go every day. It took about 6 weeks before we were ready to let her run free (there are no constructed fences around the park, just trees and pathways), and she does fine, coming when called. She is largely indifferent to other dogs and will snap at them if they encroach on her ball, though no actual biting or pursuit.

Lucy loves people, though, and because she's so cute it's difficult to make it down the sidewalk without being stopped. She really, really loves to be petted. Our neighborhood is full of people and she adjusted to that quickly and easily.

Lucy sleeps with us at the foot of the bed at night and as soon as someone wakes up she takes their spot. She's pretty funny in the morning as she can be slow to rise, but when she hears the breakfast bowl she's front and center in seconds.

While I work at home she lazes on the couch or plays with her toys, and we go out for walks frequently. Unless it's raining. She hates the rain, and because she has such great bladder control I won't force her out but 3 times a day on drizzly days.

Lucy has adjusted well, is loved, and is leading a happy life. Adrienne and I are grateful every day.

Meet Ivy!

Ivy's next chapter started on March 16, 2014 when William and I were blessed to bring Ivy home. Ivy has been a true blessing to this family especially her canine sisters. She has brought spunk and much life back into their world.

Ivy is approx. 7 years young and just a ball of delight. She has discovered our vegetable garden and has taken a liking to eating fresh lettuce, carrots and peas right out of the garden along with her fur sister's. She gets so excited for her daily walks, going bye-bye in the car and playing fetch with her rope toy and overall just being with people. We call her our little shadow.

Ivy has mastered the art of waking us up each day around 6am for her potty break and her breakfast bowl. She taps her paws up and down the side of the bed until she is acknowledged and someone gets up. Truly its adorable. She emits so much love and cannot get enough lap time.

Our family is truly blessed that this Sweet lil Boston Terrier has entered our family. Ivy is such a joy and you can almost see her smiling at you when she is being cuddled and loved on. Thank you Boston Terrier Rescue Group/Vicki Brunell for this beautiful little spirit.

Tina & William DeVoll
Burlington, WA

Meet Sophie!

I think Sophie's story emphasizes that there IS the perfect home for every dog. She came into BTRWW care at the age of 11, An age when most dogs are spending their golden years being treasured by their families after a life of bonding and living. Unfortunately, or as it turns out, fortunately for Sophie, that wasn't the case. How and why she came into care is less important than what happened from there. Sophie was 11 years old, had horrific separation anxiety, and was fearful, which can be dangerous in the wrong situation. She had been in a foster care that hadn't worked out. Any time she needed to be in a crate, she would bite at the wires on the kennel, scream, and get so anxiety ridden she'd have accidents, or throw up she was so upset. It was heartbreaking to think she had spent 11 years feeling that terrible.

After a bumpy first week, trying different things to figure out what worked with Sophie, we started to gain ground. She's been with us for more than 6 months now, and her kennel days are forever gone. Sophie has tightly bonded to our pack of other Bostons, and 1 rescue Pug. When we leave the house, they are all together, so she doesn't have to be scared anymore. She's dropped the little bit of extra weight she arrived with, and is one of the most spry, active senior dogs I've ever met!

But Sophie isn't my dog. She has the heart of our 9 year old son, Alex. He was adopted from the foster care system, and felt strongly that he also wanted to adopt a dog. Even though puppies are fun, they tend to eat legos. Sophie has no such interest in those kinds of parlor tricks. She's wise, sassy, and happy to go to bed at an earlier time with our son. Old dogs absolutely do learn new tricks. The transformation Sophie has had in the last 6 months has been amazing to watch. She's still learning new tricks all the time, and I don't see her slowing down ANY time soon! On Aug 20th, Sophie celebrated her 12th birthday. Here's to many more!

Dewey came into rescue when his owner passed away. He was raised from a puppy and was an only dog. He was much loved and well cared for.

When we met Dewey, his little tail and bottom were shaved and he had quite a few stitches. He had to have his bladder put back where it belonged and it was not an easy operation. Vicki needed a quiet place for Dewey to recover, so eventually he ended up here. Here is where an older, blind Manchester Terrier named Justice lives with his "Mom and her son". Unless a dog understands that Justice is totally blind and has always been that way, it's kind of hard to find another dog he likes. But how could we resist helping out Vicki. It was only for two weeks. Dewey was 11 years old, so probably not that energetic. Wrong!

Enter Dewey. Dewey does not even know what it is to get upset, nip, snarl or even defend himself. His attitude towards any aggressive dog is more like asking the dog "Is everything okay? Why are you so upset? Can I help?" He completely disarms them. Justice liked him immediately and they were fast buddies.

What started out as a foster, to help Dewey recover has turned into an adventure for us all. Dewey has taught us how to play again. He loves the sprinkler and dives into the water. Keep the bathroom door shut when in the shower at my place! His humor, his joy and his snuggling have brought so much happiness into our lives. He is strong, smart, determined and vocal. We are happy to be his humans and will always cherish him. All I have to do is think of him, and I smile!

Lauren Root

Adopting Krillin!! We have a 10 year old Boston Terrier who has spent her life additional animals in the house. First our old cat, Joe, who died when she was 4 and then 2 rescues and when our oldest rescue died, my daughter’s cat and dog came for a 9 month visit while she traveled.

I was bereft when our old rescue, Norman died, but we were busy with 3 other animals and then my daughter returned and took her pets away. Abbie seemed to enjoy being Queen Bee for a while, but I could tell when we went on our daily walks she was looking for other pets to play with and one day I found myself looking at faraway rescues and thinking there has to be some nearer that need us. So I found SPDR which was the source of a neighbor’s dog, as it turned out. I filled out the online forms and looked at the dog pix and saw a couple of likely pups.

Vicki called and we chatted about dogs and she sent a picture, but he got adopted before I responded. Fate. Then she sent me another pic. I confess, I thought this dog looked funny and knew it was a certain snobbery about “good markings” which most rescue Bostons don’t have anyway, but as I read his background he sounded like a temperamentally good fit with my older Boston. I sent Vicki pictures of our yard and she was already familiar with the community of old folks where we live. I guess I convinced her we weren’t the type of retired folks that leave our dog sitting out in the yard while we socialize around the countryside or sit in the house. So we arranged the exchange time and place. As time passed we got more excited and hopeful about meeting this dog with the strange name. I looked it up in Wikipedia and he really does look like the drawing in that posting of the name!

We met at Port Gamble and walked the street. He was a bundle of energy and kept eating fallen tree buds. Abbie was a little shy after they walked a while though their first greeting was inauspicious yaps, snarls and snaps. Vicki had him well in control and explained that his greeting manners weren’t the best, which turned out to be a good thing to explain to my neighbors, for yes, indeed, we were charmed by him. He really likes his people and is delightfully playful.

We exchanged papers and stuff and I took that top picture of Vicki with Krillin regretting that I’d forgotten to photo at anytime as we walked and talked. And so we drove home with 2 dogs tethered in the back seat and me rehearsing the instructions from Vicki about handling his meds and getting his chip registered and all the mechanics of a new pet. He’s a dignified rider and really likes car rides and looking out the window. He runs first to pee and then to the car if I don’t put a leash on him when going out the door.

When we got home he searched the house in a very organized routine and found the dog toys in no time and tossed a few around, but had to do more exploring, checking out the whole place. Got a drink at the water bowl and checked some more.

The next day I signed him up for an adult training class at Petco. What an eye opener it was! He is so smart! In the first class we whipped through the activities for the first 2 classes. He liked everything about that activity. The car ride, walking around the store, playing with the trainer or anyone else that came along was a willing accepter of all pets and strokes. The class lasted 6 weeks and we learned a lot about each other. His graduation test took less than 10 minutes and he aced everything.

Not long after he came he managed to escape the dog yard through a happy gate when I was momentarily distracted. I went calling him around the yard and found him at the front door. It was then I knew that he knew this was “home”.

He started out sleeping on the foot of my bed at night, but Doug stays up late and now I shut them in the bedroom with me and turn out the lights to minimize the barking at his movements and outside traffic. The two bounce from bed to bed through Doug’s comings and goings and I wake up with two dogs in the morning. It sounds pretty chaotic, but it seems good natured and I like the comfort of warm pups.

On the few occasions I have to leave the dogs at home they both give effusive greetings when we come lots of jumps, happy pants and wiggles and Krillin fetches a toy and runs back and forth with it.

We walk daily and he’s meeting the dogs in the neighborhood. A neighbor Boston, Buckley is a pretty good buddy though they still seem to be working out who is top dog. Buckley has lots of toys to explore so visits are a lot of fun. He’s met Benji, on a sniffing basis. Pounced on Toby but they are now on friendlier terms. Shy Sasha still hides behind her master’s feet and we all ignore the happy Poms across the circle from us. The two have learned to walk together and they look very handsome trotting side by side. Some kids at Walmart shouted across the parking lot about how much the liked them.

In our life we have a lot of medical appointments for Doug and the dogs ride along and we walk while Doug takes care of his health issues. Some of our favorite walks are along the Discovery trail sometimes including Doug and his walker, nice views for us and great smells for the dogs.

We had so much fun for the first training course, I think we’ll try another. I think Krillin still has more to teach me.

Meet Daisy!

Miss Daisy's new name is Miss Piggy. She is a tiny, very busy, 8 1/2 year old. We are sure she has ADD. No one, especially guests, can leave their purse on the floor. She is a little "CLEPTO". She has stolen cell phones, wallets, check books, pens, lip stick, flashlights to name a few and then stores them in her office.... which previously was known as her kennel . Driving Miss Daisy is her favorite thing and if you have the energy to match her, good luck.

Miss Piggy gets along with all of the other animals on the farm but will steal the mini horse and chicken's corn cobs and melon rhines that we throw for them. She immediately runs out and takes them to her office. Sometimes it takes her four to five trips. She is a love and life would be pretty dull around here without her.

Ziggy's (Myles) Story

Our family had been thinking about getting another dog after the loss of our Boxer. We had heard many things about Boston Terriers and found finding that their temperaments combined with their adorable faces would be a good fit for our family. My daughter and I were at the Dog Gone Easter Egg Hunt in Lacey, and were talking to a group of Boston Terrier families, when they suggested contacting the rescue. I looked at the website and completed the application. Vicki contacted me the next day and explained to me the typical age of the Boston's that come into the rescue are typically older than what our family was looking for, but was very informative and would keep us in mind if a good fit came into rescue. A few weeks later she called about Myles (now Ziggy) who was one year old. She read me his bio and sent me pictures and we decided to set up a meeting. We knew he was a perfect fit for us immediately. Vicki was very helpful and informative through the entire process and helped us to bring Myles home with knowledge of the breed and how to make the adjustment easier on Myles and ourselves.

Our favorite thing about Myles is his temperament. He loves everyone and everything, making friends with all dogs and people he comes across. He constantly makes us laugh with his snaggle tooth smile and his love for running at full speed across the back yard. He is a great snuggler too, often getting upset if you are not touching him while he is ready to rest with you. He loves to give and receive love, and there is a lot to go round. Myles is the perfect blend of silly, playful dog and snuggle buddy. He has been receptive to training and has been a wonderful addition to our family. We are so thankful for this organization that helped us to find this great dog.

The Graves' Family
Olympia, WA

Meet Marli!

Marli came to us from a Craig's List rescue. She was advertised on Craig's List as part of a garage sale. One of the rescue people found the ad and went to Oregon to get Marli and bring her to Western Washington BTR.

She is about 6 years old and 14 pounds. She kind of looks like one of the dogs from a Brian Rubenacker painting, which I love!! She came to us very shy and spent most of her time in her bed, avoiding eye contact unless you were petting her.

She has not barked since the day we got her but she grunts like a guinea pig. I love that she doesn't bark since we already have a little yapper. When she gets excited she nibbles your hand, so we call her Nibbler now. (my husband says it's after the Nibbler character in the cartoon Futurama.

She is a sweet but sneaky little girl... I find my shoes in her bed, sometimes I rescue them before she chews them, but not always. She is a chewer so we make sure she has lots of appropriate things to chew. When you catch her in the midst of sneaking away with something in her mouth and call her on it, she pretends that she can't hear you, won't even look at you as she sneaks away.My little ninja!

She is a low key, loving little girl and gets along well with our human and fur family.

Meet Ellie!

Ellie came to us via rescue about 1 month after our 10 year old Boston Terrier Stella lost her battle with cancer. When we got Ellie, she was very skinny but was friendly, loveable and full of energy. We are not sure how old she is, somewhere between 3-7, but we think she is closer to 4 yrs. old, just from the way she acts. With a rescue dog, you never really know what their life was like before they came to live with you, so we try to make Ellie feel like she is the Queen of the house. She has several dog beds, eats very well and gets a treat every now and then, if she's a good girl!

Ellie loves to sleep (and snore like a freight train!) most of the day, but also likes to go for walks, roll around in the grass or just hang out with us. She enjoys getting a bath but does not like to be left alone for too long during the day. She has gotten use to us being gone and seems to be calmer upon our return home. She is friendly towards other dogs and loves to chase them (or be chased) in the yard. Ellie has definitely filled the hole that was left when Stella passed away and we look forward to spending many years with her. As a rescue dog, she gives us unconditional love and I believe she knows she has been "saved" from a not so great life. We strive every day to let her know how much we love her and that she is a very important part of our family.

We are so happy that we got to rescue Ellie and the experience has been wonderful……thanks!!

Meet Mia!

Hello readers, my name is Mia and I’d like to share my story of how I rescued my forever family. The first thing you need to know about me is that I’m the kind of girl who likes to help others and spread joy.

I had spent the first 8 ½ years of my life with a family in Eastern Washington when things went bad and my family went through something called a divorce. I’m not sure what that is I just knew I needed to get out of there. Well, I updated my resume to include that I’m spade, chipped, crate trained, house trained and in pretty health (okay, maybe I’m carrying a few extra pounds, but what woman my age can’t say that). Next I packed my bags and contacted Vicki and Al with BTRWW to see if they knew of a family who needed my help. Well, they did. I showed up in Redmond Washington on Vicki and Al’s door step as they were talking to the Fredricksens of Olympia Washington. The Fredricksens were in deep mourning over the loss of both of their elder Boston’s the previous year. I knew they were the project for me, remember, I’m the kind of girl who likes to help. They drove up to meet me and I poured on the charm. I was amazing, doing all the right things. I got along with other dogs, I walked well on a leash and I even allowed them to hold me in their laps, help till it hurts is my lap sitting motto.

My new momma fell in love with me at first sight, but what’s not to love, have you seen this adorable face? My new daddy tried to be a tough guy, but I knew I already had a spot in his heart. Since I allowed them to bring me to Olympia to live with them eight weeks ago, I’ve taught them a few of my favorite pastimes. I let them take me for walks, they can also take me for rides, but my favorite thing is to play fetch with my new pink baby. It brings them so much joy watching me fetch, I’m sure they want a turn at the fun, so sometimes I fetch and sometimes they fetch.

And, that’s my story of helping others and spreading joy.

Meet Jack!

Meet Bella!

Bella came into rescue as a 2 year old. Her family could no longer care for her. They loved her so much and wanted to give her a chance with a new family.

I adopted Miss Bella in May 2014. Bella is such a sweet, loving companion. I cannot imagine my life without this precious girl. She loves going for walks, we often meet a friend with 3 Boston's and go for long walks on Alki. If you mention go for a ride and she is ready to go! Bella is good about entertaining herself, however she loves to play if you engage, but easily calms down and is just happy being with her person on the couch! Her favorite toys are anything that makes noise. She loves to fetch, tug and run around the yard.

She has perfect manners, politely taking her favorite chicken treats. My goddaughter dresses her up, loves to have her model dresses, socks and all sorts of jackets and monogrammed coats. Yes, Miss Bella has her own wardrobe! I am not sure Bella loves all the outfit changes but clearly she loves children and is eager to please. I have a dog walker that cares for her occasionally she tells me she is obsessed with Bella because she is such a lovely, sweet girl. Overall, Bella has been a joy to have around and I am so lucky she is my faithful loving companion.

Thank you for choosing me to be Bella's forever home!

Meet Bruno!

Bruno graciously adopted me in July 2014. I wasn't actively searching for a dog, but had put my application in to SPDR several months earlier without any expectation of being contacted. When Vicki first e-mailed me about a senior male, I did not seriously think I would be bringing home a one-eyed, ten year old Boston Terror (typo, but it stays). Bruno, however, decided otherwise once he saw the giant "S"- for "Sucker"- on my forehead. Apparently, I fit his list of requirements closely enough.

A goofy boy despite a Grade 4 heart murmur, he plays hard, and loves harder. He has nightly sessions of hiding his squeaky toy in a throw rug, and promptly rooting up the rug until the toy pops back out. He proceeds to do this with every other moveable rug he can find. Then he shows his orthopedic mattress just who's boss; the tattered thing now resembles a beanbag more than a bed. He insists on sleeping under my bed covers, but won't lie in the bed until after 9pm- apparently, naps are to be only taken on the floor, couch, or on a wadded up pile of my laundry. He is guaranteed to blow snot or belch in my face if I get within range. He snores, gives me hives, and his vet bills are akin to a car loan payment but I couldn't imagine a better, more loving pooch. I am delighted to have him as long as he'll grace me with his presence. Thank you, SPDR Boston Terrier Rescue, for bringing Bruno into my life. My house was too clean anyway.

Meet Bubba!

Bubba joined our family in 2014. He came into rescue as a two year old stray from Tacoma, WA.

Bubba is the "man of the house" and fast friends with my 5 year old female, Dixie. Bubba has a regal prance & a silly sideways walk that makes me giggle. He's a love bug & you can find him snuggled up on the bed right in the middle of the pillows. He is not very interested in toys but he runs around the yard with unbridled abandon, you can't help but smile. Thank you, Vicki, for picking the perfect dog for our family.

Meet Buddy!

Buddy came to us through the wonderful and dedicated work of the Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue-Boston Terriers. We have had Buddy since June 30, 2014, when Buddy was seven years old. Buddy has a wonderful personality and has blended well with our two ten year old Bostons, Tucker & Hooch, and our six year old English Bull Dog, Oliver. Buddy is very attached to us and travels with us everywhere. He does not like to be left alone and when he has been left behind will greet us at the door with a curled lip, which is his way of smiling.

Buddy loves the sunshine and could, if allowed to, spend all day outside looking at the trees in search of squirrels. Buddy loves children and will play tug-of-war and growl in his unique way which makes us all laugh. Buddy is definitely a lap dog and loves to snuggle.

If it had not been for the compassionate work of the SPDR-Boston Terriers, we would have never been matched with our new friend.

Thank you so much Vicki and Al for your work and bringing us Buddy to share our lives.

Robert & Dianna Kunselman

Meet Charlie!

We adopted 5-year-old Charlie on the 4th of July after losing our last Boston in January to Cushing's disease. He is a bundle of never-ending energy, and his family could no longer provide the time for him that he needed. Charlie's very favorite thing is playing fetch with a ball--tennis balls, bouncy balls, chuck-it balls, you name it! He will chase after that ball for hours with reckless abandon! Charlie loves to run, and is a very motivational jogging partner. He will keep all of us in great shape for years to come.

Charlie has adjusted well to living in downtown Seattle and recently started dog school, where he is a star pupil. We hope to start some agility training in the next few months, after building more trust and confidence. He has some funny habits--among other things, he always sleeps on his back with his feet in the air and he likes to carry our shoes around the house and hide them (luckily, no chewing so far). Charlie is a classic "tough-guy" Boston--a lot of muscle, some missing teeth, and a great character! He makes us laugh every day, and we feel so lucky that he agreed to share our home.

Brandy and Pedro

Meet Mayzee

Meet Chewy!

Chewy is almost four years old and began her life in Kona, Hawaii. She found it hard to share her home with other dogs and her previous owners wanted her to be in a one and only dog environment. Chewy was flown to Seattle on July 7th, 2014. She handled the trip well and was instantly very curious about her new world. Chewy came at just the right time for me as I moved to Seattle a few months prior and was in need of a partner to explore new territory. She has turned out to be the best companion a girl in a new city could ask for.

Chewy's favorite things are squirrels and balls. Really anything she can chase or hunt, although we are working on her not chasing squirrels. Chewy goes to doggy daycare a few times a week and has made friends quickly. She is a great hiking partner and stays very active. Although, she is a big fan of curling up on the couch (or under the covers) and she had no problem making herself at home. I laugh at her toothless grin and endless kisses. I am very grateful to have Chewy!

Meet Bailey

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