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BTRWW has helped rescue these Bostons in 2021

We are dedicated to helping unwanted, neglected, and abandoned Boston Terriers with medical care expenses beyond routine care.

Stewart Preston - March 2021 - 12 year old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Stuart Preston came into rescue as a 12 year old from a shelter. Stuart Preston had a plugged salivary gland that was draining under his chin and it was the size of a baseball. Of course, as a rescue this is taken care of. It was later determined that poor Stuart Preston was having fecal incontinence issues probably due to spinal issues and will be a "permanent foster". He is definitely much more comfortable since the big ball was taken care of on his neck.

Rescues strive to give every dog a new loving fur ever home but, there are some that remain in rescue as "forever fosters" and get the love and care they need. Your support also supports these dogs with lifelong care and is much needed by rescues. Stepping up and being a forever foster is an admiral thing.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington is happy that they can provide some help to Stuart Preston, please consider any additional donations to Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee to help with Stuart Preston's care.

Willow Beatrix - March 2021 - 8 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Willow Beatrix came into rescue with an elongated soft palate. This was causing her breathing and stamina to be affected. Having this treated gives her a better breathing ability and more stamina with exercise and recovery.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington wishes Willow Beatrix a quick recovering and a new loving fur ever home.

Pixie Peaches - February 2021 - 16 month old female from Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas

Pixie Peaches came into rescue as a scared little girl that had an eye protruding and blind and the other eye protruding slightly but had some vision. Her poor sightless eye needed to be removed and the eye with some vision need some care to help her keep her eye and what vision was left. Pixie Peaches was a young girl and any life saving procedures are a blessing to her.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington happy to assist is some of her medical expenses, we wish her the very best, quick recovering and off to her fur ever home

Prissy - January 2021 - 7 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue Team of the Carolinas

Sweet Prissy came into rescue with Cushing's and severe Alopecia. She was in need of an ultrasound. This sweet girl is getting the care she needs. We at BTRWW with Prissy some relief and a soon fur ever home.

Eva - January 2021 - 10 year old female from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue

Eva was being offered for free off Craigslist, along with her brother. Immediately a coordinator for Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue went to pick up Eva and her brother. Once in care, they realized she had multiple growths throughout her body, broken and rotten teeth and an enormous tumor on her chest that made it difficult for her to breathe.

Eva was taken to the vet and immediately they operated on the large tumor, removed three teeth, gave her dental and removed the other growths on her body. She came through the operation well and is recovering now. Samples are being sent out to be analyzed, but she will be able to breathe and move easier now.


She went in for her post-op and the incision site looks good, her appetite is strong, and if you talk to her foster mom... Eva has so much energy you would think she never had surgery! With that enormous tumor gone, she is really showing what a fun, energetic, happy girl she is! Her staples will come out soon. Once she is fully healed, we will find her the perfect fur-ever home.

Roxy Lee - January 2021 - 9 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Roxy Lee came into rescue from a NC shelter as an owner-surrender. The shelter informed the rescue that she was 9 years old and has a history of infrequent seizures. She appeared to have a significant "dent" on the left side of her head over her eye.

She was immediately seen by a veterinarian who felt the "dent" was due to an old injury (kicked in the head as a pup?) and she had nerve damage and muscle wasting on the left side of her head. A week later, she had a corneal ulcer in the left eye and was treated for it. She also had several suspicious lumps that needed removal and she had more than a few infected and painful teeth with at least one abscessed. By the weekend of that same week, her eye was bleeding and was rupturing.

Since a ruptured eye is a very painful urgent situation, Roxy was taken to the ER Hospital on a Saturday. They gave her hydromorphone and tried to keep her comfortable. The rescue attempted to have two animal hospitals perform the enucleation but they were unable to due to staffing shortage. Roxy Lee's regular vet was contacted on Monday and they were able to work her in for the procedure. Her teeth would have to wait till a later date due to the length of anesthesia time.

Histopathology revealed that one of the lumps was a mast cell tumor. It has been removed, but there were some cancer cells still at the edges of the excision. They removed as much as they could to get a good closure that would heal. Luckily, it was considered low-grade.

Two days after surgery, Roxy had two seizures, but none since. Since then, she has been seizure-free, but has a funny gait. She is continuing to be observed and it is expected she had some long-standing neurological issues. She may be what rescue considers an adoptable special-needs baby, but could also remain a fur ever foster in rescue care. She is comfortable and has loving foster parents. Either way, rescue was there when she needed someone the most, and Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington was happy to be able to help with her long journey to comfort.

Penny Ann - January 2021 - 10 year old female from Boston Terrier and Short Nose Rescue of Oklahoma

Poor Penny Ann came into rescue with a very painful melting ulcer that was left untreated. There was no vision left in the eye. This sweet girl also had a broken jaw which had been left untreated for quite some time. Her poor feet were splayed, more than likely from being kept in a cage most of her life. Her teeth also atrocious and needed severe cleaning.

Boston Terrier and Short Nose Rescue of Oklahoma is seeing that Penny Ann gets the care that she needs and addresses all her medical needs to the extent possible. Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington wishes Penny Ann a speedy recovery and a fur ever home where she can be cared for and loved.

Tumi - January 2021 - 18 month old male from Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue

Tumi is an 18 month old Boston Terrier who came into rescue after his family received inconclusive CT results for a congenital or trauma injury to his mouth. Tumi's tongue is attached to a tonsil, the side of his mouth, and underneath his tongue to the point where he cannot use it to eat or drink. Tumi's treatment plan involves a specialty surgeon to free up Tumi's tongue. He will have to have a stomach tube for 2-4 weeks. Surgery hospitalization from 1-2 days and recovery time 2-4 weeks. This procedure will help Tumi to be able to eat and drink normally.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington wishes all the very best for Tumi, a speedy recovery and a new fur ever home when he is healed.

UPDATE: It is with great sadness that we report that Tumi's condition worsened before he could get his surgery and he was euthanised to ease his suffering.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington solely assists other 501C3 rescues and organizations that take in a dog needing medical care. The events that we hold in our fundraising group help these Bostons in need.

Thank you for "Helping Us Help Others" by donating to Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington.

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