Because of YOUR donatioons . . .
BTRWW has helped these rescued Bostons
from January to March 2023

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington (BTRWW) provides grants to 501c3 rescues and organizations that take in and care for Boston Terriers with special needs beyond routine care.

By donating to BTRWW, you will be providing essential medical care for these special needs Boston Terriers in order for them to find their forever homes while giving these 501c3 organizations a helping hand.

Cinnamon - March 2023 - 2 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Cinnamon was a breeder release. She is only 15 pounds. When she first arrived at MABTR she was struggling to breathe. She needed her nostrils enlarged and her elongated pallet repaired as well as spayed and a dental.

Post surgery Cinnamon’s foster noticed a great improvement in her breathing and a new interest in running in the yard which was a struggle before.

Cinnamon was adopted by a family in MO. She is loving her new found freedom. She is a super snuggler and her whole body wiggles when she is happy.

Miami Milly - March 2023 - 8 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Miami Milly came to BTRETN from Miami, FL, after we saw a picture of her dejected little self, looking so pitiful. Milly is only 14 lb. She was used as a breeder. Milly is blind, deaf, incontinent and has severe anemia. She also has a large malignant tumor on her leg as well as mammary tumors and one near her nose. The tumor on her leg was removed with good margins & it’s been sent off for pathology (paws crossed for good news).

Milly had surgery on 4/13 to remove some mammary tumors and was spayed at the same time because the estrogen from the ovaries feeds mammary tumors and we need to remove that source. She came through surgery just fine.

Milly is in a loving foster home now, so she's living her best life. She is a permanent foster with BTRETN.

Gage - March 2023 - 2 year old male from American Boston Terrier Rescue & Rehabilitation

Gage came to ABTRR when he was roughly 2 years old. Because he was so frosty in the face, the shelter in west Texas thought he was 10+ years old. Our vet examined him, he was still intact, and advised us that Gage might be 18-24 months old as his testicles were still high and tight. 

Initially, Gage had some challenging behaviors, and he didn’t respond well to verbal directions at all. It was as if he was deaf! He would literally climb the walls of his foster home and it was nearly impossible to get to calm down or be still. We took him back to our vet seeking help with his behaviors and he was diagnosed with Horner’s Syndrome. This is most commonly found in cats, but dogs can also have it. That’s what was causing the wall climbing. He was trying to fill some sensory needs. His treatment involved weekly chiropractic adjustments that focused on his lower neck where his parasympathetic and proprioception is housed in the spine. After several months of treatments, his “cat eyes” went away and he calmed down. He is better able to respond to verbal commands, though this is still delayed. He responds much faster to verbal commands when paired with a visual hand signal. 

Gage is absolutely the sweetest, most loving dog!  All he wants is to be with his people, play ball, go for walks, eat, and snuggle. 

Gage’s foster mom noticed something was wrong with him recently. Gage is normally the first one to finish his meals, but that day he was the last. Fiona loves to clean his face, but that day he was crying when she licked his face. His foster mom works from home, and he kept coming to her while she was working and finally, he got her to really look at him and the right side of his face was swollen, hot, and extremely painful.  She was able to get him into the vet that afternoon and he had an abscessed tooth and was scheduled for surgery.

Gage came through surgery very well!  He had A LOT more going on in his mouth than the vet originally thought.  He had 14 extractions and one of those extractions was abscessed.  We are overjoyed he is on the mend now.  

Helen - March 2023 - 12 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Helen came into rescue back in Feb. of 2021, due to her owner going into assisted living and the family not being able to care for Helen. Due to her age and fragile state, she came to MABTR. In 2021, she had one eye removed and her good eye diagnosed with endothelial dystrophy eye disease requiring daily drops and close monitoring. Helen was placed in a Hospice home. Unfortunately, in March of 2023, her good eye was removed because the drops were not controlling the eye pressure anymore. Removing the eye stopped the eye pain. Helen will live out her life with love and everything she needs to be happy.

Nax - March 2023 - 1.5 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Max, a deaf male, was dropped off at a local shelter by his owner for reasons not shared with MidAmerica BTR. He has a luxating Patella that he was born with bur unfortunately over time it has caused him much pain and he is on three legs 24/7.Surgery was warned in his case.

Max had his surgery and is in recovery. He will find that he can use all four legs without pain as time passes.

Winnie - March 2023 - 5.5 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Winnie came to MidAmerica BTR from a puppy mill. She needed to be spayed, have a dental with x rays and three teeth pulled. Winnie’s recovery went well. She is pain free and back to eating everything in sight.

Rebel - March 2023 - 14 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Rebel's owner became homeless and dropped his two Bostons off at a local shelter. MABTR was called in due to his age and medical care needed. Rebel was a mess. He needed to be neutered, needed urgent dental work as well as had cysts on his foot and near his rectum, scabs and other skin issues and crystals in his urine. He was tested for Cushings, which turned out to be positive. Rebel began his treatments and was placed on a special diet to help with his urine issues.

Rebel is loved and living a comfortable life in his Utah hospice home.

Cookie - March 2023 - 4 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Cookie was being sold on craigslist in North Dakota by a backyard breeder for $50. She was spayed and in deparate need of dental work. She had x-rays and multiple extractions.

Cookie is loving life and her mouth are bacteria and pain-free. She was adopted by a family in Minnesota.

Paul Diamond - March 2023 - 13 year old male from Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue

Paul came to Midwest BTR very thin and with crusty, itchy skin all over his body and a mouthful of rotten infected teeth. With specialist vet care, he has had the dental work taken care of, gained over six pounds, and his coat has fully recovered. He is no longer scratching himself and biting his legs. In his foster home he is now a relaxed little guy who just wants to cuddle with his foster family under a warm cover. He is a quiet and very good boy. Thanks to your donations, MWBTR will see that Paul Diamond will have an old age very different from his previous life.

Sadie - March 2023 - 11 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Sadie arrived in our care after her owner passed away. She had not seen a vet in years and was in need of dental work and had two mass cell tumors one on each hip. She underwent surgery, had 10 teeth removed and did very well.

Sadie is feeling so much better with a clean mouth. Once her hip incisions heal, she will be ready to find her forever home.

Juju - February 2023 - 5.5 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Juju was picked up as a stray and stayed with this family for a few months. The family then turned her over to MidAmerica BTR because they could not afford her cherry eye repair surgery. MABTR was able to get her eye surgery done with no issues. During her recovery Juju did have an allergic reaction to the stiches. She has fully recovered and is in foster care.

Rex - February 2023 - 1.5 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Rex, a Boston Frenchie mix was dropped off at a local shelter because his owner didn’t have time for him. He was turned over to MidAmerica BTR due to needing his bilateral cherry eyes repaired. Rex had the surgery done on both eyes at the same time. There was no impact to his vision but now his tear ducts are protected from future damage of being exposed. He is in foster care.

Marlon - February 2023 - 6 year old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of Greater Houston

Marlon,came to BTR Greater Houston from a local shelter as a stray. He arrived with bloody diarrhea, skin infections and a mass on his elbow. He was emaciated, very pale and weak. He was immediately hospitalized, and was hospitalized several weeks, where he is receiving amazing care.

MARLON UPDATE FROM DR. AMYX: Marlon has gained a little over 2 pounds and his appetite is good. His malabsorption panel was normal which rules out pancreatic insufficiency. He still has somewhat loose stools, but they are improved. His red blood cell count improved from 20 to 28, but it still needs to be around 35-40. He was sedated yesterday for skin biopsies and that went well. We should get the results back in about a week, and we will get him started on any necessary treatment. His skin has improved a little with antibiotics but is still definitely not normal. Marlon is going to start on a hydrolyzed protein diet and continue Tylosin for his stools and he will get injections of Iron and Vitamin B12. All in all, he's much more alert, active, and stable.

What a difference a month can make! A month of great, high-quality vet care, lots of love and kindness. A huge thank you to our always-amazing Dr. Amyx and staff at Four Seasons. Marlon, before and after. Ready for his forever home.

Tamale Jack - February 2023 - 2 year old male from Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue

Tamale Jack has had a rough beginning to his short 2 year life. Luckily, he was picked up as a stray in Phoenix, AZ. They asked AZBTR to step in to help him. He was diagnosed with grade 5/6 heart murmur, a swollen left eye, prior trauma, or congenital issue with right knee. He was given antibiotics for his eye and his knee did not require surgery. A cardiologist discovered the shunt, also known as Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA). AZBTR was told that a surgery to close the shunt was CURATIVE.

UPDATE: Tamale Jack’s surgery was uneventful and successful. His heart murmur is gone! AZBTR is so happy to be able to let you know that he was up and eating the next day and was released early from hospitalization. He is on restricted activity for two weeks and then his sutures come out. AZBTR never would have expected this outcome for a dog taken in with a severe heart murmur.

Magnolia - February 2023 - 6 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Magnolia was scheduled to be at a puppy mill auction however due to her medical conditions was turned over to MidAmerica BTR. She needed to be spayed, have an eye removed, needed treatment for dental disease and have hernia repaired. Her eye removal and dental happened first. She will need to recover and then go back under for her spay and hernia repair.

Magnolia is loving her freedom. She has no more eye pain and had 19 extractions. She is scheduled for her next surgery on Feb. 21,2023. Then she will be ready for adoption!

Penny - February 2023 - 13 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Penny's owners moved and could not take her with them. Due to her medical issues and age, she was turned over to MidAmerica BTR. She had a complete dental with one extraction and a growth removed from her cheek.

Penny recovered well from her surgery and has found her forever home in Colorado. Her frosty face may portray her years of wisdom, but she loves to run around the yard, even in the snow! She also loves toys and gets so excited when you hand them to her so she can shake and chase them. An amazing happy ending!

Patrick - February 2023 - 13 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

At 13 years old Partick’s owner died. The family turned him over to MidAmerica BTR. When Patrick arrived, it was noted that he had not seen a vet in many years. He needed urgent dental work and was losing his visions due to cataracts. He was still able to get around well. He was neutered, placed on joint supplements for life and received his much needed dental work including 4 extractions.

Patrick recovered well and found his forever home in Colorado. He is living out his golden years in a loving home.

Fry - February 2023 - 1 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Fry came into MidAmerica BTR as an owner surrender. The owner’s work schedule had changed and she could not give him the time he deserved. Fry also had a grade 5/6 luxating patella that resulted in him walking on three legs 24/7. She could not afford to have his leg repaired.

Fry did have his knee repaired and was using it within three weeks. This is great news. Some dogs can take months especially when they have stopped using the leg completely prior to surgery. Fry found his forever home in New Mexico.

Stewie - February 2023 - 5 year old male from Kamp Kritter -Boston Brigade

Stewie first came into Kamp Kritters-Boston Brigade Rescue as a 7 month old kind of sickly pup still at the pet store. One of their sponsors saw him and wanted to do a fundraiser to raise the money to purchase him. The original adopters who donated 1/2 of the purchase price ended up having to rehome him due to one of their children’s allergies. He went to a new home in Michigan where KKBB had previously placed another Boston.

Fast forward to Feb. 2023. Stewie had a run in with a larger dog that injured his eye. The rescue tried to save it medically but were not successful and had the eye removed. KKBB tries to help families so that they can keep their beloved pets. So they arranged for Stewie to have the eye surgery.

Happy ending for all! Stewie’s surgery went well and he has fully recovered and is living with the family that loves him. Currently Stewie has 2 Boston siblings (a girl Lola and a boy Gambit who came from Kamp Kritter. Also known as Gambino and Bean) and a Great Dane sister Athena and human sister (teenager)

Peanut Painter - February 2023 - 6 year old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennesee

Peanut Painter came into the BTR of East Tennessee as a 6 year old. He had a level ¾ luxating patella on his left rear leg. He did well after his surgery but was slow to begin putting weight on his lag. Leach walking and physical therapy has helped.

Peanut was adopted by previous adopters in Knoxville, TN, whose dog has passed away. He has his very own 2-year-old little human girl. Peanut is so good with everybody. He even gets to go to work with his mom. Another happy ending.

Max - January 2023 - 5 year old male from Black Tie Boston Terrier Rescue

Max is literally the sweetest, most loving, and grateful boy. He made his way to Black Tie Boston Rescue with a sad story about an owner who was in need and "no known issues" . . .sigh. We will just thank God he did find his way to us because Max is the one in need..this fella is anything but healthy….he has violent, debilitating and lengthy seizures, he has rotten teeth , abnormal breathing and a heart murmur.

1-1-2023 UPDATE: Our Max has been scheduled for a chest x-ray this week and will be referred to a neurologist to get an MRI to see if he has anything going on that we need to address. He has started seizure medicine and has a follow up appointment later in the month for his skin and thyroid.

1-16-2023 UPDATE: It’s a sad day at the rescue as we learn that Max will be moving from the list of adoptable dogs to a sanctuary foster. An MRI diagnosed Max with an inoperable Pituitary Adenoma (brain tumor). Since his arrival to the rescue, he has been having seizures lasting 10-12 minutes and hasn’t been feeling all that great. We promised to do everything to make him better and today we promise to make the last days be his best days. We sure do hope it will be more than the 3-6 months the vet has given him, but when the time comes, we will give him the best send off. He is sweet, obedient, and a great companion to both dog and human friends.

Remi Bristol - January 2023 - 6 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennesee

Remi had a fast growing mast cell tumor growing on her front leg. Two vets concurred that she should have a new treatment called Stelfonta. It is an injection into the tumor to kill it.

The tumor could not be surgically removed because there was not enough skin to cover in site. The only other option was to amputate her leg.

Remi had her injection and is healing very well!! She has been adopted by her foster family.

Nolan Knight - January 2023 - 18 monthr old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennesee

Nolan was pulled from a Miami, FL shelter. He had been hit by a car and had a fractured pelvis. He was quickly transported to Knoxville, TN where he received reconstructive orthopedic surgery to repair his pelvis. A medal plate and screws were used to get the bones in the correct position so Nolan could have an active life and be adopted. He is recovering in foster care.

Snickers - January 2023 - 6 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Snickers is a breeder release. She came in needing full medical care including a hernia repair and dental. Snickers had her hernia surgery and 10 teeth pulled. She is recovering well and will be up for adoption soon.

Merry - January 2023 - 2 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

MABTR was contacted by a breeder with a female that had a prolapsed rectum after giving birth 3 days earlier. She needed immediate medical care. We were able to get her into surgery within 24 hours. We didn’t know if she would make it but took the risk. Merry made it through surgery and spent the next week at the vet recovering. Now we have to put more weight on her.

Merry is a happy girl who has found her forever home in Kansas. This is another happy ending!

Lilliana - January 2023 - 4 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Lilliana was a breeder release. She came in needing full medical care and a dental including 9 extractions. She is recovering nicely from her dental.

Lilliana has found her forever home in CO.

Caesar - January 2023 - 8 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Caesar is an energetic toy obsessed boy. He came into rescue due to his owners divorcing. Our vet determined that he needed a dental and needed to have two tumors removed including a mast cell tumor from his scrotum.

Caesar is recovering nicely from his surgeries. The tissue was sent out to Histopathology and based on the results it will be determined if he can be adopted out or be placed in palliative care due to this type of cancer. For now, Caesar is still in foster care.

Cubby - January 2023 - 5 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Cubby was surrendered by an owner who didn’t have time for him. He arrived already neutered but needed a dental. He had 7 teeth pulled.

Cubby did great recovering from his multiple extractions. He has found his forever home in CO.

Ziiggy - January 2023 - 6 month old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Ziggy was found in a shelter drop box. He arrived with a damaged eye, a hernia needing repaired along with a neuter. He was neutered and had his eye removed first. Then Ziggy went back to have his rectal hernia repaired. His surgery was delayed a bit as we had to clear coccidia which was causing him to strain.

Ziggy is recovering very well. This happy go lucky boy will soon go to his new home in CO where he will share his energy, joy and love of life!

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