Because of YOUR donatioons . . .
BTRWW has helped these rescued Bostons

from April to June 2023

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington (BTRWW) provides grants to 501c3 rescues and organizations that take in and care for Boston Terriers with special needs beyond routine care.

By donating to BTRWW, you will be providing essential medical care for these special needs Boston Terriers in order for them to find their forever homes while giving these 501c3 organizations a helping hand.

Buddy - May 2023 - 13 year old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee - Florida

Buddy came into BTRETN as an Urgent Plea Shelter Pull from Jacksonville, FL. He was a cruelty case. He had open sores, lumps, bumps & tumors all over his body and was severely underweight. He was taken to the vet immediately where his open sores were cleaned and medicated. Buddy was in a foster home for several weeks. After lots of tests, blood work and lots of biopsies he was diagnosed with cancer. Buddy passed away in the loving arms of his foster mom before his treatments could be completed. He was clean, safe, and loved. Run free, Buddy!!!

Leo Victor - May 2023 - 2 year old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee - Florida

Leo came to BTRETN- Florida through Miami-Dade Animal Services. His Family surrendered him after his chip was read. He had been hit by a car! He had suspected pelvis injuries with bruising and lacerations on his hips and back legs. He was without the use of his back legs.

Leo has undergone pelvis reconstruction and two hernia repairs in May. Leo has already begun walking and while suffering some nerve damage to one of his back legs, he is on the road to recovery. He has moved from his recovery foster to his medical foster who just happened to be a physical therapist. Leoís medical foster has two lovely Bostie gals he spends his days with, when he isnít doing PT workouts or aqua therapy. HE HAS COME SUCH A LONG WAY!!

Leo was adopted and is doing very well. He has a Frenchie sister. They are traveling in the familyís motorhome, and he is living without any post op issues.

Archie - May 2023 - 1.5 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Archie was a family surrender to MidAmerica BTR. He was transported from MN to NE because he had drool and saliva coming from his mouth. Many tests had been done but no answers to his issue. He was like a St. Bernard in a Boston body. They could not afford the additional tests and were frustrated by the constant clean up. The rescue scoped him and found that he had a hairball! Yes, a hair ball that you would find in a cat, not a dog! Archie had the surgery to remove the hair ball. It was as big as a fist. Shortly after his surgery Archie was a normal dog and no more drools!

Archie was adopted to a family in Nebraska. He is a happy playful boy.

Conrad - May 2023 - 1.5 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Conrad was surrendered along with three other Bostons from a breeder. He was filthy and traumatized. He was neutered and had a cherry eye repaired. Conrad is a long way from his socialization goals but is recovering nicely from his surgery. It will be a few months before he will be ready for adoption.

Conrad was adopted by a family in Missouri and has a four legged friend to keep him company.

Jake - May 2023 - 2 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Jake came to MidAmerica via a family surrender. He was attacked by two dogs in his home. As a result, his leg needed to be amputated which his family could not afford, and he was not safe in the home. Jake spent a week in the hospital to try to save his leg. But that didnít work. His front leg survived with lots of care.

Jake is living the quiet life cuddling on the couch with his new family in Colorado.

Buttercup - May 2023 - 9.5 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Buttercup a 9 YO and came into rescue as she was removed from a neglectful environment. She was first taken to a shelter and the MidAmerican was asked to take her and the other Boston in. She was emaciated. Buttercup needed an electrocardiogram to make sure her heart could take the dental and luxating patella surgeries that she needed.

Buttercup is still in foster care. She will be up for adoption very soon.

Diesel - May 2023 - 3 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Diesel came from a breeder. When Mid America BTR picked him up, she said he was struggling to breathe. He had elongated palate surgery which made a huge difference in his breathing. He is now happy to run and explore in his yard.

He was adopted to a Nebraska family. He is loving life outside his cage!

Baby Girl - May 2023 - 12 year old from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee took in a 12-year-old Boston girl as an owner-surrender. She was taken immediately to the vet and then on to the nearest emergency facility for overnight ICU care. She has diabetic ketoacidosis. This occurs when the body starts breaking down fat at a rate that is much too fast. The liver processes the fat into a fuel called ketones, which causes the blood to become acidic. It's very touch-and-go with a guarded prognosis.

The doctors did everything in their power to save Baby Girl, but the uncontrolled diabetes was relentless, and her body just shut down.

Baby Girl is now at The Bridge.

Sparky - May 2023 - 1 year old male from Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue

Sparky was surrendered by his owner due to a severe eye injury after a dog fight. The owner could not pay for Sparkyís medical needs. AZBTR rushed him into the vet for an emergency eye enucleation. There were complications while Sparky was intubated. He aspirated and spent an extra day under observation for possible Pneumonia. He dodged a bullet and did not develop pneumonia.

Sparky recovered from his surgery and is waiting to be neutered.

Bailey - May 2023 - 6 year old male from Forgotten Dog Rescue

Bailey was an owner surrender to Forgotten Dog Rescue due to a persistent eye infection. His family was not able to continue to pay for his care. When he came in he actually had a severe corneal ulcer with a deep corneal stromal abscess and dry eye in left eye. Bailey also has retinal degeneration in the right eye that will need monitoring. He required surgery right away.

Bailey did very well with his surgery and recovery. He will remain with his foster until his eye is completely healed.

Tippy - April 2023 - 11 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Tippy was one of the four dogs that came into MABTR when their owner passed away. She is 11 years old and was already spayed. She had not been to a vet in several years. She needed a dental with 4 extractions. She also needed an ultrasound of her thyroid which had a cyst on it that was found during her dental. The rescue had it aspirated and unfortunately, she was diagnosed with Carcinoma Thyroid Cancer. Tippy recovered well from her dental but because of her cancer she was placed in a palliative care program with MABTR in Omaha, NE. She will live out her life with everything she needs.

Lottie Lenya - April 2023 - 16 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennessee

Lottie Lenya was picked up as a stray and taken to a shelter. This sweet little old lady is 16 years old. She had several very hard mammary tumors. BTRETN took her in and removed her tumors. She was also spayed at the same time because her ovaries may feed more tumors. The surgery was done so that Lottie would be more comfortable and be able to live her best life with her forever foster. You go Lottie!

Blue - April 2023 - 9 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Blue was one of four Bostons turned over to MABTR. He had not been to the vet in many years. Blue needed to be neutered and have a major dental with 19 teeth extracted. He also has a swollen thyroid gland which will need an ultrasound. Blue is recovering and is already acting like he is feeling much better.

Blue was adopted out to a family in Colorado.

Oinkers - April 2023 - 9.5 year old female from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Oinkers is 9.5 years old and only 13 pounds. She and another Boston were removed from their home by the Humane Society due to neglect. They were turned over to MABTR due to their emaciated condition and the need for medical care. Oinkers also needs her luxating patella repaired. She came through her patella surgery with flying colors. After her recovery she will have a major dental done.

Oinkers was adopted out to a family in Colorado where she has lots of those fluffy squeaky toys.

Latch - April 2023 - 11 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Latch is 11 years old and came into rescue when his owner passed away. He was one of four Bostons the family surrendered to MidAmerica BTR. He has not been to the vet in many years. He needed neutered and a major dental with multiple extractions, as well as all the senior stuff. Latch recovered from his long surgery.

Latch was adopted by a family in MT. He loves following his humans around and best of all snuggling.

Ray - April 2023 - 5.5 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Ray was surrendered by his family to MABTR because they didnít have enough time for him. He arrived favoring his leg. He had a luxating patella which needed surgery. Ray got through surgery with flying colors and recovery went smoothly.

Ray is now living in Iowa with his forever family.

Sarge - April 2023 - 11 year old male from MidAmerica Boston Terrier Rescue

Sarge, an 11 year old, was found as a stray and landed in a local shelter. Due to his age and medical needs, he was turned over to MidAmerica BTR. He needed a neuter, a dental with three extractions and a cyst removed from his eyelid. All of Sargeís needs were taken care of through the rescue and his recovery went very well.

Sarge has found his forever home in MO.

Peter G - April 2023 - 4 year old male from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennesee - KY

Peter G. a 4 year old, came to BTRETN last December as an owner surrender. He needed cherry eye surgery on his right eye. He had pocket surgery done and was soon adopted. A few months later he had to have a repeat surgery on the same eye. His new family paid for the second surgery. Peter G. is a lucky guy!!

Precious Quigaman - April 2023 - 11 year old female from Boston Terrier Rescue of East Tennesee - KY

Zeus and Precious were pulled from a rural shelter and scooped up by BTR of East Tennessee-Kentucky Division last December. They are a bonded pair and will stay together. Both came into rescue with medical needs. Precious also had 4 masses removed and a dental. The rescue thought Precious had a UTI, as she was peeing everywhere. After that was cleared up, she was doing very well until she ate a block of rat poison in February. She was rushed to an emergency vet where she was hospitalized, given IV fluids, activated charcoal and neuro monitoring.

Precious survived with no adverse effects. Precious and her brother are permanent fosters with BTRETN - Kentucky division. They are living a life filled with love and everything that they will need.

Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington solely assists other 501C3 rescues and organizations that take in a dog needing medical care. The events that we hold in our fundraising group help these Bostons in need.

Thank you for "Helping Us Help Others" by donating to Boston Terrier Rescue of Western Washington.

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